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Sarah 'Huckabee' Sanders leaves reporter FLABBERGASTED when question on Trump's Confusing Fisa Tweet - getplay.pk


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a Press Briefing today 1/11/2018 where she was question by MSNBC Reporter Hallie Jackson and other reporters on Trump's Contradicting FISA Tweets, she was also asked about Trump's take on Libel Laws referring to michael wolff's trump book claims, on this press briefing Sarah Sanders was also asked about the DACA Dreamers possible deal and Medicaid, she also spoke about feinstein & Adam Schiff 'leaking' to the press 1/11/2018 new video

sarah sanders press briefing on president donald trump confusing tweets on fisa and libel laws speaking of wolff's trump book this is the latest on trump's white house press briefings, other current events happening now are trump saying he would have a great relationship with N.Korea leader kimjung on a wsj interview. other top stories today are Trump speaking on protections for immigrants from 's---hole' countries in Oval Office meeting with lawmaker senators, this comment by trump is making a lot of noise with news anchors like don lemon & anderson cooper, trump said why do we admit people who live in 'sh**holes' meaning africa or haiti and other south american countries to the U.S., and that the U.S. needs more people from norway and not s***hole countries these are the latest breaking news today january 2018