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Broken Hardy Boyz Moments in WWE - 50K Special! - getplay.pk


Okay guys. Thanks for 50k subs. Without you, there is no me.

I just thought why not give my subscribers something different for one time. I'm still gonna upload entrances but this was a little gift I thought I owed you guys. For my non subscribers, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Subscribe now!

Oh and if you guys enjoyed that vid, let me know. I read every single one of your comments... even the bad ones. Anyways I'm serious I wanna know what you guys wanna see so comment and I'll take note.

A lot of you guys ask about copyright. I honestly don't know how the vids don't get blocked. Just to make this clear, I don't make money off of this channel. I don't work or anything yet. I go to college.

Other than all of that, thank you again! #TARGEmpire