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5 Amazing Wallets You Need To See

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01- Volterman : http://www.volterman.com
02- Zillion Wallet: http://www.zillionwallets.com
03- MKC Wallet : http://www.mkcwallet.com
04- DJIN : http://www.koala-gear.com
05- PITAKA: http://amzn.to/2kKZdqd

01- Volterman - World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet
Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot, Anti-Thief Camera.
02- Zillion Wallet - The World's Smartest, Slimmest Wallet
A super slim phone charging wallet with Tile™ smart location. Never run out of battery or lose your wallet again!
03- MKC Wallet - Slim Wallet for Money, Keys, and Cards
This slim modern wallet holds keys, cards, and cash for quick access. Minimize pocket clutter, and eliminate key jingles & scratches.
04- DJIN The Wallet, perfected
Your wallet is with you all day, everyday. It should be the right one.
05- PITAKA - Redefine Carbon Fiber Wallet
Modular, Magnetic-Stripe Friendly, & RFID-Blocking. The PITAKA New Wallet keeps all your daily essentials secure and in a quick flick.

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