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Karachi Do-Darya Shooting Incidence - A Biker's VIEW - getplay.pk


This is my direct response to certain Media outlets trying their very best to label Khawar Burney's (alleged) actions somehow with the Motorcycle and Biker Community.

Kamran Khan in his talk show on Dunya News said it's a "bloody game" and Motorcycle riders at Karachi Track at SeaView were all labeled "Racers" and "Rotten children of the Elite". (Video Excerpts used under Fair-Use-Policy for commentary purposes).

While the actual incidence has no connection with the motorcycle community other than the fact that one of the people involved was riding a GSXR600 and the accused murderer ran a motorcycle shop, the media outlets failed to provide any link to any form of illegal motorcycle street racing with the incidence, completely disregarding the fact that the incidence was due to drugs, alcohol and illegal firearms rather than Motorcycles.

Feel free to give your thoughts and voice your opinion regarding such senseless reporting and bans on safe riders of Karachi.
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